SC 10
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From: above McCormick (McCormick County)
To: Greenwood (Greenwood County)
Total Length: 121.8 miles  
SC 28: 0 - 0
Greenwood-McCormick Line: 3.5 - 3.5
US 221 SB: 4.7 - 8.2
US 221 NB: 2.3 - 10.5
SC 225: 11.0 - 21.5
US 25 Bus, US 178 Bus: 1.5 - 23
Creation: An original state route that originally ran from SC 20 (now SC 28) McCormick north through Greenwood, Laurens, Woodruff, and Spartanburg before heading into North Carolina northeast of Chesnee. This is the only SC 10.
Adjustments: In 1923, SC 10 was rerouted at Greenwood to follow SC 7 east to Cross Hill then north as new routing to Waterloo. The old routing became secondary for a time.
In 1925 or 1926, SC 10 was restored to its original Greenwood to Waterloo direct routing, leaving behind SC 7 (now SC 72) and SC 392 (now SC 39 and probably M A Bryson Rd).
Also in 1925 or 1926, SC 10 was rerouted out of downtown McCormick and instead northwest to where it ends now, then duplexed with SC 20 (now SC 28) back to McCormick. The original route became secondary to McCormick, then a little bit of SC 43 (today all of this is US 221).
If SC 10 ever used S-42-813 Joe Barnette Rd/S-42-202 Harris Bridge Rd and S-42-442 Lansford Rd south of Woodruff; S-42-1849 Hardin Rd south of Chesnee it stopped doing so by 1927.
If SC 10 ever used S-11-144 east of Chesnee it stopped doing so in 1928.
In 1928 or 1929, SC 10 was removed from today's lengthy S-42-197 Old Spartanburg Hwy north of Woodruff; SC 290 and Center Point through Moore and placed on today's US 221.
In 1932, SC 10 north was truncated to US 221 Waterloo, with the old route becoming US 221. Today this is US 221; S-30-749 Cedar Grove Ch Rd/S-30-6 Cold PointRd; US 221 through Laurens; Parsonage Rd through Lansford; US 221; River Hill Rd (no longer crosses river ) to Enoree; SC 92; US 221; S-42-425/SC 215/S-42-400 through Roebuck; US 221 through Spartanburg to Chesnee except: Old Whitney Rd; S-42-243 Cherokee Cir and Old Chesnee Hwy; US 221 ALT to North Carolina.

1922 Auto Trails
SC 10 direct from Greenwood to Waterloo
1922 Auto Trails
1924 Blue Book
SC 10 follows SC 7 from Greenwood
1924 Blue Book
1926 Official
SC 10 direct from Greenwood to Waterloo again
SC 10 rerouted away from central McCormick
1926 Official
1932 Official
US 221 replaces SC 10 north of Waterloo
1932 Official

If SC 10 ever used S-24-66 Barksdale Ferry Rd out of Troy or S-24-416 Cedar Grove Rd out of Bradley it stopped doing so by 1932.
If SC 10 ever used S-33-64 near its south end it stopped doing so by 1934.
In 1934, SC 10 north of Greenwood was downgraded to secondary up to the Saluda River by Act of SC Legislature in a mileage swap for SC 67, while SC 10 remained north of the river to Waterloo.
In 1936, the separate SC 10 stub at Waterloo was also removed from the primary system by Act of SC Legislature in a mileage swap for SC 39. It later became SC 409 but today it is S-24-107, a bit of SC 254, S-24-39 and S-30-33.

1935 Official
SC 10 split up north of Greenwood
1935 Official
1937 Official
SC 10 Waterloo piece removed
1937 Official

In 1947, SC 10 was removed from its duplex into McCormick with SC 28.
In 1954, SC 10 north was truncated to Troy, replaced by an extended US 221.
In 1969, SC 10 was re-extended north back to Greenwood, replacing a rerouted US 221.

1954 Official
SC 10 truncated to US 221 north of Troy
1954 Official
1969 Official
SC 10 replaces US 221 into Greenwood
1969 Official

Improvements: SC 10 was paved from Spartanburg to Chesnee in 1928.
In 1931, SC 10 was paved from Laurens to Spartanburg.
In 1932, SC 10 was paved from Troy to Greenwood.
In 1934, SC 10 was paved from Troy to McCormick.
SC 10 above Greenwood to Waterloo did not get paved until after SC 10 was dropped.
No multilane segments shown on the 2005 Official Map.
Comment: SC 10 is a minor route today, passing through sparse parts of Sumter National Forest.
There is a 10' 6" clearance underneath a railroad near the south end of SC 10 but there is no posted SC 10 TRUCK and no warning from SC 28 NB about it. From US 221 SB at the SC 10 split there is a sign alerting through trucks to follow US 221.

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