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SC 17: An original state highway that ran from the Georgia line near Toccoa GA heading east through Westminster to end at SC 2 (now SC 28) outside Seneca.
C. Mark Sublette provides a summary of the history of this corridor:
Virtually the entire highway route between Toccoa, Georgia, and Greenville, South Carolina, was constructed using the original 1872-73 railroad alignment of the Richmond and Danville Railroad, including the three-span thru-truss bridge over the Tugalo River at the state line. This was abandoned during the Southern Railway’s major rebuilding project of 1916-1918, which company had absorbed the R&D in the great 1894 reorganization by J. P. Morgan and associates. The now-excess right of way was then adapted for vehicle use. Many of the original cuts still exist between Toccoa and Westminster, S.C., but road-widening between Westminster and Seneca, and between Clemson and Central have obliterated the railroad-era cuts. Between Central, Liberty, and Easley the profile of the former rail alignment can still be discerned as long portions remain a two-lane road.

In 1928, SC 17 was renumbered as SC 13. Today it is US 123 except it likely used Pickens Rd southwest of Westminster; North Ave/Main St in Westminster; S-37-13 Old Seneca Rd east of Westminster.

1922 Auto Trails
SC 17 Seneca to GA
1922 Auto Trails
1930 Official
SC 13 replaces SC 17
1930 Official

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