SC 802
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From: Ladies Island (Beaufort County)
To: Lucy Creek Bridge, Wilkins (Beaufort County)
Total Length: 6.1 miles  
US 21, US 21 Bus: 0 - 0
S-7-673: 6.1 - 6.1
Creation: SC 802 appeared in 1942 running generally the way it does now. This is the only SC 802.
Adjustments: It appears in the early 1960s, the northern end of SC 802 was put on the Lucy Creek Bridge instead of on Alston Rd at the waterfront.
In 1982, SC 802 was extended south as new routing to meet US 21 where it does now, leaving behind S-7-90 Sams Point Way. Then SC 802 continued as new routing across the Beaufort River to SC 281 Port Royal, then replaced SC 281 southwest past Parris Island to end at SC 170.
In 2012, SC 802 south was truncated back to the US 21/21 Bus intersection on Ladies Island. From west of Parris Island to Ladies Island became an expanded US 21 Bypass, while the last piece to SC 170 became SC 128.

1942 Official
SC 802 original routing
1942 Official
1987 Official
SC 823 downgraded
1987 Official
2013 Official
SC 802 returns to its original routing.
2013 Official

Improvements: Paved upon designation in 1942.
SC 802 was multilane through Port Royal to Parris Island in 1999.
In 2007 or 2008, SC 802 was multilaned from Parris Island west to then-SC 280; also SC 802 was multilaned from US 21/21 bus north to Brickyard Pt Rd.
Comment: Per 2013 GMSV it doesn't appear SC 802 is posted at its northern end, although there is a SC 802 JCT shield on Alston Rd at its western intersection with SC 802.

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