US 41 Bus
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US 41 Bus  Can you believe your own eyes?
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US 41 Bus: May have appeared between 1957 when US 41 was moved to use Main directly to Broad in Chattanooga.
Topo and Esso maps show a US 11-41-64 Byp that would've used US 27 south of Main then 23rd over to Dodd. Gousha maps showed this as US 11A-41A-64A. I have yet to find a Tennessee DOT map that shows this at all. However, there is a photo of a US 41 BUSINESS shield on Broad St NB north of Main St. US 41 Bus would then have to had used Broad up yo 11th/Market, then right back down Market to Main and these non-DOT maps imply it followed Main to Dodds and south from there. If this really happened, Main St likely reverted back to being US 41 when I-24 was completed by 1968.

1960 Gousha
US 41 ALT bypassing Chattanooga?
1960 Gousha
1963 Esso
US 41 bypassing Chattanooga?
1963 Esso
mayo collection
US 41 Bus picture
Peter Mayo Collection, courtesy Picnooga

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