US 30
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From: Ohio State Line at Chester (Hancock County)
To: Pennsylvania State Line east of Chester (Hancock County)
Total Length: 3.4 miles  
Nationally US 30 runs from Astoria OR to Atlantic City NJ
WV 2: 0.5 - 0.5
WV 8: 2.0 - 2.5
PA STATE LINE: 0.9 - 3.4
Creation: An original route from the 1925 plan, but it was not confirmed it would enter West Virginia until April 1926. In West Virginia US 30 replaced WV 79 from Chester to Pennsylvania.
Adjustments: About 1937, US 30 was rerouted in Chester to go directly to 1st St for the Ohio River bridge instead of 2nd-Virginia-1st.
After the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant collapsed in 1967, all bridges over the Ohio River were inspected. Though the 1896 Chester Bridge was not of the same design, major structural faults were detected that could not be repaired, so it was closed in May 1969. This left a gap in US 30 until the current bridge east of Chester was opened in 1977.
Cars could use the Newell toll bridge accessed via WV 2 but trucks had to go via Shippingsport PA.
When US 30 was placed on new expressway and bridge in 1977, the old route became: 1st St; extended WV 2; CR 30/6 Old Rte 30

1935 Hancock County
US 30 original route
1935 Hancock County
1937 Hancock County
US 30 directly via 1st St
1937 Hancock County
1985 Hancock County
US 30 on new expressway east of Chester
1985 Hancock County

Improvements: Fully paved upon inception
US 30 was multilaned on its new expressway bypassing Chester
Comment: US 30 is the shortest US route in West Virginia

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