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Future US 121:

US 121: Created by the West Virginia Legislature in 1988 and approved by AASHTO in June 2005 (after first requested in 1998) to be applied to the Coalfields Expressway which is intended to be built from Beckley southwest via Welch into Virginia then west to end at US 23 Pound VA.
Work has been slow on building this highway. It utilizes existing WV 16 from I-64/77 southwest to the Sophia area, then new construction 14 more miles to WV 54 near Mullens. The newly constructed portion is signed as WV 121.
There is a separate short graded stretch near the McDowell Federal Prison and new construction began in 2022 on a segment from Welch northeast to WV 16.
When will US 121 be posted in the field? My guess would be this might take place when the road reaches US 52 Welch OR if Virginia builds its segment from US 23 to US 460 first.
A detailed look at the chronology (up through mid-2000s) of US 121 can be found here.

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