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US 223

US 123  renumbered when adopted
US 123:

US 123: On August 11, 1931, AASHO told West Virginia that the potential route from Pikeville to Williamson and beyond would be an extension of US 123 north from Jenkins, instead of US 223 which had been requested by Kentucky in 1930 to run from Pikeville to Williamson WV. This made sense for two reasons: It made a longer overall corridor should the route have ended in Williamson and second, US 223 had been assigned to its current route in Michigan by this point.
In addition, during the debate about this extension, AASHO wanted to also send it northeast through Logan, Charleston, Spencer, Weston, Phillipi to Grafton.
When they finally got this corridor into the US route system in 1934, it was as US 119.

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