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From: Weirton (Hancock County)
To: Weirton (Hancock County)
Total Length: 0.2 miles  
WV 2: 0 - 0
WV 2: 0.2 - 0.2
Creation: Looks to have been created in the mid-1970s running the way it does now, a small loop using Market St, Washington St and Heaslett Ave in the Holliday Cove section of Weirton. This is the 2nd US 22 ALT in West Virginia.
Adjustments: None
Improvements: Fully paved upon inception; no multilaning
Comment: One might wonder what the point of this route is. My speculation is that it was difficult (and probably illegal) to turn from WV 2 NB to US 22 WB at Freedom Way, which used to meet WV 2 at a steeper angle in a 'K' intersection with Market St. So traffic may have been directed to use this loop to use 3 rights to make a left. It would be awesome to find a photo of this area in the right time frame to confirm.
There is a 1980 City of Weirton map that shows this as WV 2 ALT (which makes more sense now that US 22 no longer runs by here), but all other maps I've seen before and after 1980 show it as US 22 ALT.
1977 AASHTO application
US 22 ALT loop in Weirton
1977 AASHTO application
Previous US 22 ALT's:

US 22, WV 2: 0 - 0
US 22: 3.0 - 3.0
US 22 ALT #1: Appeared between 1947-49 as a bypass of Weirton. This was an upgrade to CR 13
In July 1977 (AASHTO), US 22 ALT was eliminated. Cove Rd west of Harmon Creek Rd became part of US 22 and Cove Rd from there to original US 22 became WV 507. Today the entire route is CR 507.

1949 Hancock County
US 22 ALT bypassing Weirton
1949 Hancock County

US 22 ALT eliminated
1978 Official

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