US 522
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From: Virginia State Line below Ridge (Morgan County)
To: Maryland State Line at Hancock MD (Morgan County)
Total Length: 18.7 miles  
Nationally, US 522 runs from US 60 Powhatan VA to US 11-15 Selinsgrove PA
Virginia State Line: 0 - 0
WV 9 EB: 13.4 - 13.4
WV 9 WB: 0.4 - 13.7
Maryland State Line: 5.0 - 18.7
Creation: First requested in 1941 but deferred in May 1941 (AASHO). West Virginia apparently posted their segment anyway and based on this AASHO approved US 522 extending from Hancock MD to US 60 near Powhatan in July 1943 replacing WV 522, running generally as it does now.

1941-42 Virginia Official
WV 522 through Berkeley Springs
1941-42 Virginia Official
1946 Official
WV 522 becomes US 522
1946 Official

Adjustments: About 1960 (bridge date) US 522 was given its direct routing through Berkeley Springs. Previously within Berkeley Springs it cut west on Fairfax St to Wilkes Ave (still original concrete!) which used to continue north out to current US 522 at roughly Jimtown Rd.
Improvements: Fully paved upon inception; no multilane segments
Comment: US 522 is a useful shortcut from Winchester VA to Hancock MD except Berkeley Springs is occassionally slow, especially during the school year.
A Berkeley Springs Bypass was slated to begin construction in 2020...

1953 Topo
US 522 with a jog in Berkeley Springs
1953 Topo
1972 Topo
US 522 straightened out in Berkeley Springs
1972 Topo

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