Mystery US Route Corridors 
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Mystery US Route Corridors  did not come to pass
Mystery US Route Corridors:

Mystery corridor #1: In December 1934 (AASHO), West Virginia and Ohio requested a new US Route from US 21-60 Gauley Bridge WV north to St. Mary's WV (replacing WV 16) then crossing the Ohio River to then follow OH 7 north to US 20 Ashtabula OH.
In January 1935, AASHO declined to approve this because the route "is not of interstate importance"
No number was suggested. This was between US 19 and US 21, so a x19 or x21 seemed most probable. The lowest numbers available would've been 419 or 621.

Say what??? There is a document in the 1938 Other folder at the AASHTO database titled "State Road Commission of West Virginia Tabullation Showing Proposed Routes for Designation as Interstate Routes." The first page is a list of West Virginia routes and two endpoints. Following that are a page dedicated to each of those lines giving a very detailed description of pavement types and widths and the lengths of each category, plus how much overlap there would be with an existing US route.
There are no other documents in this folder to provide any context whatsoever, such as were they going to request them all? Do some sort of scoring? There are no suggested numbers to assign. Each line is not a complete corridor. It is difficult to picture what is being requested by looking at the list, so I created a graphic showing the existing US routes at the time in red with all of these proposed routes in yellow. There are roughly 1050 miles of proposed additions!
I have speculated below how many corridors this might be and tried to come up with some logical choices for numbers, which were not intuitive.
So West Virginia submitted this and that is how it reached the AASHO database? There is not a 1939 Other folder available so this remains a mystery for now.
With all these routes proposed I am puzzled how WV 2 from Parkersburg to Chester did not make this list.
Mystery Corridor #2:
WV 10 from US 60 Huntington to US 19-21 Kegley
Potential numbers: 37 or 252
Mystery Corridor #3:
WV 12 (now WV 16) from WV 10 Elmore to US 19-21 Beckley
Potential numbers: 137 or 352
Note that the US 121 Coalfields Expressway is being constructed along this corridor.
Mystery Corridor #4:
WV 3 from US 119 Racine to Virginia State Line
Potential number: extended US 35 from Charleston
Mystery Corridor #5:
WV 54 (now WV 12) from WV 3 Alderson to US 60 Alta
WV 44 (now WV 20) from US 60 Charmco to WV 39 Nettie
Potential number: US 135
Mystery Corridor #6:
WV 39 from US 19 Summersville to WV 94 (now WV 20) Fenwick
WV 94 (now WV 20) from WV 39 Fenwick to WV 15 Craigsville
WV 15 from WV 94 Craigsville to WV 20 Webster Springs
WV 20 from Webster Springs to US 50 Clarksville
Potential number: US 419
Mystery Corridor #7:
WV 13 (now WV 4) from US 119 Clendenin to US 19 Sutton
WV 35 (now WV 4) from US 19 Sugar Camp to WV 20 Rock Cave
Potential number: US 619
Note - this corridor was actually approved as a US 119 in the 1940s but West Virginia never bothered to post it and it was rescinded in the 1950s.
Mystery Corridor #8:
WV 16 from US 19 Belva to US 50 Ellenboro
Potential number: US 133
Note - this is a revival of most of the West Virginia portion of Mystery Corridor 1 from a few years prior.
Mystery Corridor #9:
WV 36 from WV 13 Maysel to US 119 Spencer
WV 14 from US 119 Spencer to US 21 Mineral Wells
Potential number: US 233
Mystery Corridor #10:
WV 73 (now several CRs) from US 250 Fairmont to US 119 Morgantown
WV 7 from US 119 Morgantown to Maryland State Line
WV 42 from US 220 Petersburg to US 50 Mt. Storm
Potential number: US 48
Mystery Corridor #11:
WV 32 from US 33 Harmon to US 219 Thomas
Potential number: US 248
Mystery Corridor #12:
WV 28 from US 219 Marlinton to US 220 Ridgeley
Potential number: US 219 (then renumber 219 from Marlinton and Thomas as 148)
Mystery Corridor #13:
WV 9 and WV 38 from US 11 Martinsburg to US 40 Robious
Potential number: US 522 extension
The WV 38 portion of this did become part of US 522 in 1943.

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