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WV 13  not currently assigned
Previous WV 13's:

WV 13: Appeared in 1922 as new primary routing, running from WV 4 (now abandoned routing near WV 39) Belva north to Clay then northeast to end at WV 4 (now CR 19/40) Sutton.
In 1928 (WVDOT annual report), WV 13 south was rerouted at Clay to replace WV 51 to Clendenin, then replaced WV 14 to Charleston, followed US 60 across the river, then extended southwest as new primary routing to end at WV 3 Yawkey. The old route from Clay to Belva became WV 16.
About 1929, WV 13 was extended south from the original WV 4/US 19 river crossing at Belva to the new crossing (current WV 39).

1922 Official
WV 13 original routing, Belva to Sutton
1922 Official
1931 Official
WV 13 rerouted to Charelston and Yawkey
1931 Official

WV 13 may have briefly used CR 119/61 and 119/62 in Big Chimney but by 1930 the primary route was moved to current US 119.
About 1931, WV 13 was removed from the Hale St Bridge (was also US 60) and instead followed US 60's new routing to the Patrick St bridge, then headed southeast along what had been US 60 along the old McCorkle alignment before splitting west towards Ruth and Yawkey as before.
In 1938, WVDOH studied requesting replacing WV 13 from Clendenin to Sutton with an unspecified US route number. It is unclear if they formally requested this or not but it obviously did not happen.
About 1938, WV 13 east was truncated to US 60/WV 4 South Charleston. The route through Charleston to Clay and Sutton became WV 4.

1939 Rand McN
WV 4 replaces WV 13 from Charleston to Sutton
1939 Rand McN

In 1946, the remaining WV 13 from Yawkey to South Charleston was renumbered as WV 14. Today this is WV 214 from Yawkey to Charleston (WV 214 was also rebuilt in the area where it crosses US 119 at Terry Rd, with old WV 214 using a bit of RHL Blvd; also slightly rebuilt where it crosses US 119 at Ruth; WV 14 used US 119 from WV 601 to Lawndale, then Oakhurst Ln, then Oakwood Rd to Cantly Dr then destroyed routing east across Corridor G to the railroad tracks then northwest back to US 60 is now essentially I-64's ROW and a tiny bit of WV 61 right at US 60.

1956 Shell
WV 13 becomes WV 14 Charleston to Yawkey
1956 Shell

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