WV 102
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From: Virginia State Line at Yards (Mercer County)
To: Virginia State Line at Pocahontas VA (Mercer County)
Total Length: 3.2 miles  
Virginia State Line: 0 - 0
Virginia State Line: 3.0 - 3.0
Virginia State Line: 0 - 3.0
Virginia State Line: 0.2 - 3.2
Creation: Appeared about 1959, running as it does today plus a 3rd segment ran from the Virginia State Line northwest of Pocahontas to US 52/WV 16 Welch. All 3 segments were a renumbering of WV 85. This is the only WV 102.
Adjustments: Between 1978-80, Wv 102 from Welch to the Virginia Line northwest of Pocahontas VA was renumbered as WV 103, an extended WV 161, and CR 84.
Improvements: Upon designation, WV 102 was fully paved except about 4 miles off the northwest Pocahontas border towards Anawalt which never became fully paved while WV 102; WV 102 has no mutilane segments.
Comment: WV 102 does not connect with any other part of the West Virginia Primary System.
Most maps are not detailed enough to show that their is a very brief dip into Virginia between Pocahontas and Yards. This is signed in the field though.
VA 102 comes back to the West Virginia line southeast of Bluefield VA but I have found no evidence the road into West Virginia there was ever in the primary system.
Virginia turned down a West Virginia Request in 1949 to put SR 659 into their primary system to connect then-WV 85 from Welch to Pocahontas VA and the existing VA-WV 85.

1956 Shell
WV 85 from Welch to Bluefield
1956 Shell
1959 Virginia Official
WV 102 replaces WV 85
1959 Virginia
1980 Official
WV 102 renumbered as WV 103, WV 161 and downgraded to Pocahontas VA.
1980 Official

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