WV 527
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From: Huntington (Cabell County)
To: Ohio State Line at Huntington (Cabell County)
Total Length: 2.7 miles  
The route continues a VERY short distance as OH 527 to end at OH 7 Chesapeake OH
I-64 (exit 8), WV 152: 0 - 0
US 60 EB: 2.2 - 2.2
US 60 WB: 0.2 - 2.4
Ohio State Line: 0.3 - 2.7

Creation: WV 527 was designated in October 1978 (AASHTO) as a renumbering of US 52 throguh downtown Huntington, running generally as it does today. This is the only WV 527.
Adjustments: About 1994, WV 527 was reconfigured onto a new bridge over the Ohio River. The original bridge was on 6th St.
This also changed (on paper anyway) the one-way pair arrangement inherited from US 52: NB continued using 8th St to 3rd Ave to 6th St, while SB went from using 6th St to 5th Ave east to 8th St to instead using 5th St to 5th Ave east to 8th St. The previous SB alignment is now technically WV 527 ALT.
Improvements: Upon designation, WV 527 was fully paved; multilane on its one way pair segments.
Comment: Not sure why this couldn't have also been WV 152. Did it matter that the 0.1 miles on the Ohio side match the West Virginia numbering?
Note that the SB route is actually posted to leave US 60 5th Ave at 6th St (527 ALT) and the NB route is posted to follow WV 527 ALT in its entirety. There are no 527 postings along what the 2017 Cabell County map shows as 527 NB.

1973 Official
US 52 through downtown Huntington
1973 Official
1980 City of Huntington
WV 527 replaces US 52 on original Ohio River Bridge
1980 City of Huntington
2017 Cabell County
WV 527 reconfigured at Ohio River Bridge
2017 Cabell County

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