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WV 707  not currently assigned
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WV 707: Appears on the 1993 and 2015 Control Destinations lists for the West Virginia primary system. It was given no control destinations but referred to as FBI Center Rd. This began as CR 707 Shinns Run Rd from I-79/WV 279 northwest to WV 131, skirting the FBI Center. This had been CR 13/5 and new construction.
Between 2005-07, WV 707 south was truncated to and replaced by part of WV 279.
This is currently signed as CR 707 but in the same posting arrangement as primary routes would have (i.e. oval shields instead of small circles on LGSs).

2004 Harrison County
WV 707 from I-79 to WV 131
2004 Harrison County
2014 Harrison County
WV 707 truncated to an extended WV 279
2014 Harrison County

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