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Photo: US 11E north leaving VA 113 (photo by Mapmikey 4/22/10)
From: City of Bristol
To:  Tennessee State line at City of Bristol
Total Length:  0.58 miles    
US 11, US 11W, US 19, US 421 NB, VA 381 NB: 0 - 0
VA 113: 0.35 - 0.35
US 421 SB: 0.18 - 0.53
TN STATE LINE: 0.05 - 0.58
Creation: Appeared in late 1929 as a renumbering of US 511. The route was also a 100% duplex with US 19. Initially, US 11E entered Virginia via Pennsylvania Ave into Bristol, TN, then used State St west to Front St where US 11 and US 11W all met. Thus at first, only US 11E northbound actually entered Virginia.
Adjustments: In Feb 1930 (CTB), US 11E-19 was rerouted to leave State St at Piedmont, which means US 11E was extended further west along State St. It also appears US 11E was moved from Pennsylvania Ave to Anderson St to get to Bristol, VA.
In May 1952 (CTB), US 11E-19 was given one-way spilts in Bristol:
NB used 4th north to State west to Piedmont north
SB used Piedmont, then Cumberland east to Lee, then south along 5th and Lee to Anderson, then south on Anderson.
In Dec 1966 (CTB), US 11E was given its current routing up Commonwealth to end at US 11-11W Euclid Ave.

1929 Official
US 11E original
Bristol route
1929 Official
1937 Official
US 11E further
west on State
1937 Official
1961 Washington County
US 11E Bristol (1952-66)
1961 Washington County
1988 Official
Current US 11E in Bristol
1988 Official

Improvements: US 11E was paved upon inception
US 11E was multilaned in 1966.
Posted:  Fully posted; the last known cutouts were removed in early 2000s.
Multiplexes:  US 19, VA 381 (0.05 mi)
US 19, US 421, VA 381 (0.53 mi)
Legislative names:  None
Other names:  Commonwealth Ave
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comment: US 11E is shown in traffic logs only as US 11 TRUCK which is also separately posted in the field.

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