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I-174  proposed
Previous I-174: I-174: was the proposed designation for the North Myrtle Beach Connector per failed House of Representatives Bill H.3462/Senate Bill S.0291 from the South Carolina General Assembly.
Both versions of the bill defined I-174 to be on the North Myrtle Beach Connector from I-74 (current SC 31) and US 17.
The problem with those bills is that they differed on their descriptions of I-73 and I-74. Work to reconcile the versions in 2003-04 did not result in a passed bill.
The North Myrtle Beach Connector was completed as the Robert Edge Parkway in 2009. It has an at-grade intersection between SC 31 and US 17, and the interchange with SC 31 is a simple diamond with stoplights, and doesn't look like it was designed with an interstate-to-interstate expansion in mind. The connection to US 17 is also at-grade.
So it would appear I-174 is not something to look forward to even if I-74 ever does make it to South Carolina.
Thanks to interstate-guide.com for some of the information in this entry.

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