US 25
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From: North Carolina State Line near Wolf Creek (Cocke County)
To:  Newport (Cocke County)
Total Length:
20.5 miles
Nationally, US 25 runs from US 17 Brunswick GA to Newport and also from Corbin KY to Cincinnati OH
TN 107 NB: 4.4 - 4.4
TN 107 SB: 3.3 - 7.7
TN 340: 2.6 - 10.3
TN 73: 7.7 - 18.0
US 321 NB, TN 35 EB: 1.0 - 19.0
US 321 SB, TN 32 SB: 0.3 - 19.3
US 25E, US 25W, US 70 WB, TN 9 NB, TN 32 NB, TN 35 SB: 1.2 - 20.5
Creation: An original US Highway that in 1926 was as an addition to TN 9 from the North Carolina line near Wolf Point to Kentucky at Jellico. In mid 1926 there had been a proposal to designate Knoxville to Kentucky as US 425 and have US 25 follow what became the initial US 25E routing.
Adjustments: It appears US 25 was removed from the lengthy Old Lake City Hwy between Clinton and Rocky Top, plus Jacksboro Ave through Rocky Top in 1927.
In November 1927, Tennessee began mapping US 25 to end in Knoxville (Western at Broadway), with the route to Jellico becoming US 25W. AASHO eventually noticed US 25W on Tennessee maps and accepted their belated request to make this change in mid-1929. US 25 was never posted north of Knoxville (Tennessee didn't start posting any US routes until late 1929), but its route to Jellico today is US 25W except: within Knoxville - Gay, Summit Hill, Walnut, Summer Pl (no longer connects to), Summit Hill, Western Ave (used Old Western Ave in West Knoxville), and Pleasant Ridge Rd; Old Clinton Pike in the Bell Bridge area; Old Clinton Hwy and Old State Circle in the Bull Run area; Hiway Dr in S. Clinton; Tussey Cut near Morley; today's TN 116 (some of I-75's NB lanes used US 25W's footprint between Vasper and Jacksboro) except Old Vasper Rd in Vasper; Old Jacksboro Hwy south of La Follette; Old 25 Loop near Habersham;
In 1927 or 1928 (per official route log), US 25 was removed from current TN 139 to Strawberry Plains; Old Andrew Johnson Hwy; abandoned routing/Old Strawberry Plains Pike just west of the Jefferson County line; a bit of current US 11E; Strawberry Plains Pike to Trentville. Strawberry Plains to Trentville became an extended US 511.
If US 25 ever used Fugate Rd between Del Rio and Wolf Creek it stopped doing so by 1928.
About 1929, US 25 was removed from Old Knoxville hwy and Thinwood Dr in Newport
About 1930, US 25 was removed from Old Asheville Hwy east of Newport; Manning Chapel Rd/current TN 340 in Bridgeport
If US 25 ever used Lafayette/Piedmont Rds west of Dandridge it stopped doing so in 1930.
In 1931, US 25 was truncated in favor of an extended US 25W from Knoxville to the new US 25E (now US 321) routing at Newport. This is still US 25W except: Carter School Rd in Trentville; Strawberry Plains Pike, Boyds Bridge Pike, Biddle St and S. Chestnut St into Knoxville

1929 Official
US 25 from Knoxville to North Carolina
1929 Official
1931 Clasons
US 25 truncated to Newport
1931 Clasons

In 1934, US 25 north was extended to the current US 25E routing west of Newport, replacing a little US 25W.
In 1979, Tennessee presented AASHO a proposal, as part of eliminating US 25W, that would have changed US 25E to US 25.

1979 TDOT Correspondence to AASHO
US 25W elimination scheme
1979 TDOT Correspondence to AASHO

Posting: Fully posted
Secret TN Route Overlay: TN 9 (entire route)
Comment: Given that US 25W is so close to I-75, it would still make sense to get rid of that and make US 25E become US 25.
US 25 is still a suitable backway from Newport to Asheville, especially with the occasional I-40 closure through the mountains in western NC.

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