US 19W
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From: North Carolina State Line east of Ernestville (Unicoi County)
To:  Hillcrest (Sullivan County)
Total Length:
40.6 miles
US 19W runs from Ridgecrest to US 19-19E Cane Creek NC
TN 352: 6.4 - 6.4
I-26 EB (exit 43), US 23 SB: 1.2 - 7.6
TN 81, TN 107: 6.3 - 13.9
TN 173: 5.4 - 19.3
Carter-Unicoi Line: 4.1 - 23.4
TN 359: 0.8 - 24.2
Washington-Carter Line: 1.9 - 26.1
US 321, TN 67: 1.1 - 27.2
TN 91: 0.9 - 28.1
TN 400: 0.6 - 28.7
I-26 WB (exit 20), US 11E SB, US 23 NB, TN 34 WB: 2.2 - 30.9
TN 36 NB: 0.7 - 31.6
TN 381: 0.9 - 32.5
Sullivan-Washington Line: 2.9 - 35.4
US 11E NB, US 19, US 19E, TN 34 EB, TN 37: 5.2 - 40.6
Creation: Appeared in 1930 running generally as it does now, except its north end was the current TN 44/390 jct in Bluff City. This was an additiom to TN 36 from NC to Johnson City and US 11E from there to Bluff City.
Adjustments: In 1931 or 1932, US 19W north was truncated to the new US 19E routing in Hillcrest, leaving behid US 11E-19.
In 1935, AASHO tried to get Tennessee to renumber US 19W as US 19. Tennessee declined to do this, but this change showed up on some commercial maps 1935-37.

1935 Gen Draft
AASHO's dream come true - no US 19E-19W
1935 Gen Draft

About 1951, US 19W was removed from Old Highway Rd in Temple Hill/Shallowford; Chestoa Pike from Chestoa to Erwin
Also in 1951, for reasons I do not get, US 19W was not moved with US 23 to the Sams Gap NC crossing.
In 1975, AASHO recommended changing US 19E back to US 19 and eliminating US 19W but it is unclear if this was actually presented to Tennessee.
Around 1977, US 19W was extended north on new routing around Hillcrest and Bluff City and ending at the current TN 394 interchange (US 19E was using current TN 390).
About 1980, US 19W was placed on the new US 23 freeway around Erwin and Johnson City. 2nd St into Erwin remained part of TN 107 and Main Ave/Love St/Ohio Ave/Jackson Love Hwy through Erwin was removed from the state highway system. Irwin to Unicoi also remained part of TN 107. Unicoi northward eventually became part of TN 173 plus Unicoi Rd into Carter County; S. Roan St all the way through Johnson City to today's I-26 Exit 20. The freeway from today's TN 91 to US 11E had been TN 137.

1929 Official
TN 36 NC to Johnson City
1930 Official
1932 Official
US 19W appears
1932 Official
1986 Official
US 19W removed from surface routes below Johnson City
US 19W north truncated to Old TN 44
1986 Official

Between 1982-85, US 19W north was truncated to a rerouted US 19E (now former TN 44) southwest of Hillcrest leaving behind US 11E-19.
About 1990, US 19W was extended north slightly to the newly constructed US 19E routing where it ends now.

1969 Sullivan County
US 19W ending in Hillcrest
1969 Sullivan County
1981 Official
US 19W extended north past Bluff city
1981 Official
1985 Sullivan County
US 19W truncated to southwest of Hillcrest
1985 Sullivan County
1992 Sullivan County
US 19W moved to current Hillcrest end
1992 Sullivan County

Posting: Fully posted
Secret TN Route Overlay: TN 36 (31.6 mi)
TN 34 (9.7 mi)
Comment: Given that US 19W overlays a lot of routes and its solo segment is gnarly (and bypassed by nearby I-26/US 23), US 19W should be decommissioned
The US 19W solo segment into NC is extremely gnarly and not recommended for semi-trucks (though I managed to come across one the only time I drove it).

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