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US 270: First established November 1926 Bureau of Public Roads revision for the US Highway System and was adopted in Dec 1926 as an official US route running from US 41 Murfreesboro (Main at Maney) via McMinnville to US 70 Sparta. This was an addition to the entirety of TN 1.

1927 National Map
US 270 Murfreesboro to Sparta via McMinnville
1927 National Map

Tennessee in Nov 1927 started showing US 270 as US 70S on maps.
AASHO eventually noticed US 70S on Tennessee maps and accepted their belated request to make this change in May 1929. Note that US 270 was never posted in Tennessee.

1931 Clasons
US 70S Nashville to Sparta via Murfreesboro
1931 Clasons

Today, the route US 270 followed is Main St out of Murfreesboro; Old Woodbury Pike through Readyville and Murfressboro Rd to Woodbury; US 70S through Woodbury; Old McMinnville Rd/abandoned routing east of Woodbury; US 70S through Cannon County except several abandoned alignments, plus Elkins Cir and Lincoln Ln
US 70S to McMinnville except: McMinnville Hwy and Old Nashville Hwy through Centertown; Old Nashville Hwy/(no longer connects to) Airport Rd east of Centertown; Bridge Builders Rd near McMinnville; Post Rd/Old Post Rd/Commodore Dr to McMinnville; TN 380 through McMinnville;
Old Rock Island Rd between McMinnville and Campaign; C O Hines Rd near Campaign; Rock Island Rd through Rock Island; McMinnville Hwy through Welling and Doyle; TN 1 Maybury St into Sparta

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