US 70N
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From:  Lebanon (Wilson County)
To:  Crossville (Cumberland County)
Total Length:
88.1 miles
US 70, US 70 Bus, TN 24 WB, TN 26, TN 141: 0 - 0
Smith-Wilson Line: 9.3 - 9.3
TN 25, TN 53 SB: 11.4 - 20.7
TN 264: 4.0 - 24.7
TN 53 NB: 3.7 - 28.4
Putnam-Smith Line: 2.4 - 30.8
TN 96 SB: 1.2 - 32.0
TN 96 NB: 4.8 - 36.8
TN 56: 5.6 - 42.4
TN 291: 1.7 - 44.1
TN 135: 5.2 - 49.3
TN 136 SB: 0.7 - 50.0
TN 136 NB: 0.1 - 50.1
TN 111: 1.6 - 51.7
I-40 (exit 290): 1.9 - 53.6
TN 84 SB: 12.0 - 65.6
I-40 (exit 300): 1.1 - 66.7
TN 84 NB: 0.5 - 67.2
TN 164: 0.1 - 67.3
I-40 (exit 301): 0.4 - 67.7
Cumberland-Putnam Line: 3.4 - 71.1
TN 462: 15.5 - 86.6
US 70, TN 1, TN 24 EB: 1.5 - 88.1
Creation: Tennessee started referring to the Nashville to Sparta highway as US 70N by the fall of 1927, despite the road having just been christened as US 70. AASHO approved this change in mid-1929.

1927 National Map
US 70 Nashville to Sparta via Lebanon
1927 National Map

1931 Clasons
US 70N Nashville to Sparta via Lebanon
1927 National Map

Adjustments: About 1929, US 70N was removed from US 41 heading southeast out of Nashville (now 2nd and Layfayette); Elm Hill Pike (except used Trails End Lane at Bell Rd and continued further east into what is now J Percy Priest Lake); underwater routing north to Stewarts Ferry Pike; east across Stones River; north underwater; Dodson Chapel Rd which used to connect directly into Weber Rd; Andrew Jackson Pkwy; Highland View Dr
In 1931, US 70N was removed from Maple/Market/High St in Lebanon
In 1931 or 1932, US 70N was moved from 4th Ave to 2nd Ave leaving Peabody in Nashville
About 1932, TN 24 was removed from today's TN 171; Old S Mt Juliet Rd; Old Lebanon Dirt Rd; Division St to nearly Leeville. After this it is uncertain which road TN 24 took to Lebanon - either Hickory Ridge Rd or Leeville Pike

1930 Official
US 70N Nashville routing in 1930
1930 Official
1932 Official

US 70N rerouted in Nashville
1932 Official

In 1935, US 70N east was rerouted at Lebanon to continue east with TN 24 through Monterey to its new east endpoint at US 70S (now Sparta Dr) Crossville. However, AASHO said US 70N needed to be numbered US 70. Tennessee did show this on maps from 1935-38. By 1940, Tennessee maps reverted to the US 70N designation, and extended it west over TN 24 to US 70 (now US 70S near Belle Meade.
The old route to Sparta is US 70 except: Park Ave out of Lebanon; Main St/High St in Alexandria; Old Liberty Rd, lengthy old Hwy 53 down to Dodd Store; Main St through Liberty and Dowelltown, Old Snow Hill Rd (3 segments); Taylor Rd loop at Cherry Valley; Main St through Watertown; Old Sparta Hwy east of Watertown; Old Alexandria Pike nearby; Main St through Smithville, Midway Rd through Midway; abandoned alignments to the west of 70 approaching Caney Fork River, a little underwater routing, Old State Route 26, Jack Hudson Rd; east of the Caney Fork River: Ollie Billings/Howard Redmon Rds, Peeled Chestnut Ln, Old Smithville Hwy S, TN 136, Old Smithville Hwy N (cutoff by TN 111), Clarks Mill Dr into Sparta
Note that US 70N was co-signed with US 70S in western Nashville. Here's a 1951 photo (zoom way in).

1935 Official
US 70N rerouted via Cookeville to Crossville but renumbered as US 70
1935 Official

1940 Official
US 70N replaces US 70 and extends west of Nashville
1940 Official

About 1938, US 70N was removed from Kelly Cir; Badger Ln; Boyd Ln and Waterville Ln (used to connect in a looping abandoned alignment) west of S. Carthage
Also in 1938, Tennessee requested a 2nd US 70N to run from Brownsville to Huntingdon via Milan. When AASHO approved the corridor, it insisted it be posted as US 70A, which surprisingly Tennessee did.
In 1940, US 70N was removed from Blevin Rd and Volunteer Cir in Rome; Plunketts Creek Rd in Rock City; Old Lebanon Rd and River Rd in S. Carthage
I believe in the 1940s, US 70N was removed from White Cir and Walton Cir in the Chestnut Mound area
In 1952, AASHO finally officially recognized US 70N as the routing from Nashville to Crossville via Cookeville.
Around 1959 (bridge date), US 70N east was truncated in Crossville from Sparta Dr to the new US 70S (now US 70) alignment at Sparta Hwy. West Avenue south to Sparta Dr became part of US 70S (now US 70).
As early as 1960 (bridge date), US 70N could have been placed on the Lebanon bypass but it is unclear if it was open before US 70N was truncated in 1962. Regardless, historically US 70N had been using today's US 70 Bus at that time.
In Dec 1962 (AASHO), US 70N west was truncated to Lebanon, as US 70 from Lebanon to Crossville via Sparta was put into the US route system. Note that in west Nashville US 70N used Murphy Dr and 46th St to reach Cedar at that time.

1964 Official
US 70N truncated to Lebanon; US 70N still existed west of Nashville
1964 Official

By 1965, US 70N had been altered to accommodate I-40 in the Monterey area. TN 24 was removed from most of Parker Rd west of TN 84; 1/2 mile of I-40's footprint west off Exit 300; Industrial Dr west of Crossville St
Posting: Fully posted
Secret TN Route Overlay: TN 24 (entire route)
Comment: US 70N is no longer a well-used through route, as I-40 is nearby for the most part and a case can be made to get rid of US 70N as a US route.

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