US 35
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From: Scott Depot (Ohio County)
To: Ohio State Line at Point Pleasant (Ohio County)
Total Length: 34.0 miles  
Nationally US 35 runs Scott Depot to Michigan City IN
I-64 (exit 40), US 35 Spur: 0 - 0
WV 34: 2.4 - 2.4
WV 869: 9.2 - 11.6
Mason-Putnam Line: 4.9 - 15.5
WV 2: 18.0 - 33.5
OH STATE LINE: 0.5 - 34.0
Creation: A US route from Charleston WV to Richmond IN was first proposed in May 1929 (AASHO). By September this had expanded to Muskegon MI. AASHO held up approval over the fact that there were only private toll bridges at the two potential Ohio River crossings at Point Pleasant/Gallipolis and Mason/Pomeroy. Thus, US 35 was not actually approved by AASHO until October 1934. In West Virginia US 35 replaced WV 25, running from US 21-60 Charleston along the east side of the Kanahwa River to Ohio at Point Pleasant.

1931 Official
WV 25 Charleston to Point Pleasant
1931 Official
1939 Rand McN
US 35 replaces WV 25
1939 Rand McN

Adjustments: About 1943, US 35 was moved from Washington St to 7th St at its south end. This short piece of Washongton St became US 35 ALT.
On December 15, 1967 the 1928 Silver Bridge crossing the Ohio River collasped from a single-point failure when one of the eyebars with a defect gave way. The collapse killed 46 people. Another bridge at St Mary's (then-US 50 ALT) was closed immediately due to the same design. A US 35 TEMP route was established that followed WV 62 to Mason and used the then-US 33 bridge to Pomeroy OH and then OH 7 back south to Gallipolis.
In June 1969 (AASHO), US 35 was rerouted away from Charleston to instead begin at US 60 St Albans and replacing WV 17 along the west side of the Kanawha River to Henderson where it would tie seamlessly into the new Ohio River bridge which opened December 15, 1969. The old route became WV 25 from Charleston to east of Dunbar and WV 62 to Point Pleasant (except US 35 used 6th St through Point Pleasant to the Silver Bridge).

1969 Official
US 35 temp routing via US 33's bridge
1969 Official
1973 Official
US 35 replaces WV 17
1973 Official

About 1998, US 35 was removed from CR 35/11 Old US 35 leading into Henderson and its overlay with WV 2 to reach the new Ohio River bridge. Today Old US 35 may be part of WV 817.
In December 2002 (AASHTO), US 35 was rerouted to follow I-64 west from Exit 44 to Exit 40, then use new routing all the way to Henderson. Note that at this time none of this new routing had been built save for the northernmost segment at Henderson.
In August 2008 (AASHTO), US 35 was truncated to I-64 Exit 44.
In 2009, a segment of the new US 35 highway from I-64 to where WV 869 crosses the Kanawha River was opened. The old route from US 60 to WV 869 became WV 817.
About 2011, another new segment was opened south off the Henderson segment for another 5 miles, leaving behind more WV 817.

2004 Official
US 35 moved to new routing below Henderson
2004 Official
2011 Official
US 35 moved to new routing from I-64
US 35 moved to more new routing south of Henderson
2011 Official

In November 2021 (aaroads forum), US 35 was placed on new highway between WV 869 and the Henderson segment, completing the new corridor from I-64 to Ohio. The old routing became more WV 817, with the old south connector presumably becoming an extended WV 869.
Improvements: Fully paved upon inception
US 35 was multilaned from US 21 out to today's WV 25-62 junction in 1943.
US 35 was multilaned on each of its new segments following the move to the west side of the Kanawha River. Today it is fully 4-lane expressway.
Comment: With the completion of the new US 35 alignment, there is now a safe and fast way to get from the Charleston area to other parts of the Ohio Valley.

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