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US 36  approved but didn't happen anyway
US 36:

US 36: On April 30, 1931 (AASHO), West Virginia joined other states in requesting US 36 be extended from Indianapolis to Washington PA. US 36 would pass through West Virginia via WV 27 at Wellsburg. I have seen one document suggest the extension was to be to New Alexandria PA but all other documents say Washington.
On June 8, 1931 (AASHO), US 36 was approved to extend to US 22 Cadiz, and the extension to Washington PA was approved as soon as the private toll ferry was purchased by the state.
The latest correspondence I could find on this was a February 12, 1932 letter from AASHO t othe National US Highway 36 Association (Missouri) indicating extension past Cadiz was waiting on resolution of the Ohio River crossing. Which never came, apparently.
I have never seen a map showing US 36 east of Cadiz OH.

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