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US 50N  received an alternate ending
US 50N:

1934 Route Log
WV 2: 1 - 1
US 50, US 50S, WV 16 SB: 13 - 14
US 50N: First contemplated in October 1927 but actually appeared Nov 1928 between Athens OH and Ellensboro WV. In West Virginia the route was an addition to WV 16 entering at St Marys and went via Pike to Ellensboro, ending at US 50/50S and WV 16 (Main at Washington).
On Jan 16, 1935 (AASHO), West Virginia moved US 50S to go via Nutter Fort to end at US 50/50N Pike. Thus, US 50N east was truncated from Ellensboro to Pike, replaced by an extended US 50.
On January 22, 1935 AASHO notified West Virginia that US 50N was redesignated as US 50 ALT. There was some controversy, as Ohio wanted US 50N to become US 50 and US 50S to become US 50 ALT, but AASHO ruled the other way.

1927 Official
WV 16 St. Marys to Ellensboro
1927 Official
1932 Official
US 50N added to WV 16
1932 Official
1935 Official
US 50N becomes US 50 ALT
1935 Official

Today US 50N is still WV 16 except CR 16/8 and CR 16/9 loops below Maxwell; CR 16/5 and CR 16/7 loops above Maxwell; CR 16/4 and CR 16/6 at Cloverdale Church; CR 50/6 into St Marys; 2 blocks of WV 2 and George St to where the bridge to Ohio used to be.
US 50N showed on county maps as late as 1949.

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