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US 50

US 50 ALT  obsoleted
US 50 ALT:

1973 Route Log
WV 2 SB: 1 - 1
WV 2 NB: 1 - 2
US 50, WV 16 SB: 14 - 16

US 50 ALT #1: Appears in West Virginia annual reports as the Grafton Bypass. The 1935 report specifically shows both original US 50 and "alternate" 50 through and around Grafton respectively. I have yet to find any map that explicitly shows this. The 1938 Grafton inset I do have shows only US 50 on the bypass and US 250 or US 119 following US 50's former route through town.
US 50 ALT #2: Appeared January 22, 1935 as a renumbering of US 50N from Pike to Ohio at St Marys. This was also a part of WV 16. There was some controversy, as Ohio wanted US 50N to become US 50 and US 50S to become US 50 ALT, but AASHO ruled the other way.
Note that US 50N showed on county maps as late as 1949.

1932 Official
US 50N St Marys to Pike
1932 Official
1935 Official
US 50N becomes US 50 ALT
1935 Official

Between 1938-46, US 50 ALT was removed from CR 50/6 out of St. Marys

1935 Pleasants County
US 50 ALT original St Marys approach
1935 Pleasants County
1946 Pleasants County
US 50 ALT rerouted at St Marys
1946 Pleasants County

Between 1950-57, US 50 ALT was straightened out in Pleasants County leaving behind CR 16/8 and CR 16/9 loops below Maxwell; CR 16/5 and CR 16/7 loops above Maxwell; CR 16/4 and CR 16/6 at Cloverdale Church
About 1971, per Wikipedia, US 50 was placed on its Appalachian Corridor D routing in Ritchie County. This means US 50 ALT was extended east over old US 50 Pike to new US 50 Ellensboro.
In November 1973 (AASHO), US 50 ALT was dropped from the route, citing the new US 50 routing as part of the Appalachian Corridor making US 50 ALT unnecessary.
The Ohio River bridge at St Marys was a twin bridge to the Silver Bridge used by US 35 at Point Pleasant. When the Silver Bridge collapsed in 1967, the St Marys bridge was closed for inspection and never reopened. A ferry was established which ended up being in place until 1977 when the current bridge downstream was opened. The original 1928 bridge was torn down in 1971 except the part over the back channel to Middle Island, which is still there.

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