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VA 337 alt view
Photo: VA 337 ALT posting along Brambleton Ave WB at Church St (1950s photo courtesy Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA)
From: City of Suffolk
To: City of Norfolk
Total Length: 35.83 miles  

US 58 Bus: 0 - 0
US 13 Bus, VA 10, VA 32 Bus: 1.13 - 1.13
US 13 Bus, US 58 Bus, US 460 Bus: 2.87 - 4.00
VA 125: 6.44 - 10.44
Chesapeake-Suffolk Line: 2.52 - 12.96
VA 191: 0.72 - 13.68
I-664 (exit 11): 0.68 - 14.36
Portsmouth-Chesapeake Line: 2.0 - 16.36
VA 239: 2.11 - 18.47
US 58, US 460 ALT WB: 0.23 - 18.70
VA 337 ALT: 0.10 - 18.80
I-264 (exit 4), US 460 ALT EB: 0.15 - 18.95
US 17: 1.45 - 20.40
VA 141: 1.11 - 21.51
VA 239: 0.72 - 22.23
Chesapeake-Portsmouth Line: 0.55 - 22.78
I-464 (exit 4): 0.50 - 23.28
US 460, VA 166: 0.56 - 23.84
Norfolk-Chesapeake Line: 0.74 - 24.58
I-464 SB (exit 5): 0.81 - 25.39
I-264 WB (exit 8), I-464 END (exit 6), US 460 ALT WB: 0.25 - 25.64
US 460 ALT EB, VA 337 ALT: 0.25 - 25.89
I-264 EB (exit 10): 0.22 - 26.11
US 460 WB, VA 168: 0.80 - 26.91
US 460 EB: 0.10 - 27.01
US 460 ALT: 0.31 - 27.32
US 58 EB, VA 337 ALT: 0.20 - 27.52
US 58 WB, VA 337 ALT: 1.38 - 28.90
VA 247: 1.12 - 30.02
VA 165: 2.78 - 32.80
VA 406: 0.18 - 32.98
I-564: 2.85 - 35.83

Creation: The earliest explicit reference to VA 337 is the April 1939 CTB Minutes referencing a Hampton Blvd railroad underpass. The first official map to show the 337 number was the 1944 issue, although it does appear in the 1940 Norfolk County map. The initial routing of VA 337 was given state mileage in August 1932 CTB without number as 6.5 miles within the city of Norfolk. It ran from VA 170 (current US 460) Granby St west along 21st St to Hampton, then north to the 98th St ferry (now within Norfolk Naval Base) which connected to Newport News. There is no indication that VA 337 ever continued across the ferry. VA 337 from Downtown Norfolk out to Norfolk Naval Base using Hampton Blvd. was not numbered immediately before, though it was once part of US 17 before 1931.
Adjustments:In 1942, VA 337 was extended south with VA 170 Granby to central Norfolk, then east with US 58 ALT Princess Anne Rd, then replaced US 460 south on Park Ave and southeast on Brambleton/Campostella and Poindexter through South Norfolk, across the Jordan Bridge to Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Suffolk. VA 337 west ended at today's VA 10-32 which still carried US 58 then.
1941-42 Official
US 460 Portsmouth to Suffolk
1941-42 Official

1944 Official
VA 337 Portsmouth to Suffolk
1944 Official

In Nov 1943 (CTB), VA 337 north was truncated at the end of Hampton Ave. 98th St became part of VA 165 (now unnumbered). It also appears that VA 337 was also rerouted in Norfolk at this time to stay on Granby south with VA 170, south on Bank, then east with US 58 along City Hall Ave then south across the Elizabeth River on the now-removed Main St bridge to Liberty St south to previous VA 337 along Poindexter. The old route along Princess Anne Rd became US 58 ALT and Park Ave became part of US 58. Brambleton around to South Norfolk remained part of US 460.

1940 Norfolk County
VA 337 initial Norfolk route
1940 Norfolk County
1942 Norfolk County
VA 337 extended via Princess Anne,
Park, and Campostella to S. Norfolk
1942 Norfolk County
1945 Norfolk County
VA 337 rerouted via Main St Br. to S. Norfolk
1945 Norfolk County

In March 1953 (CTB), VA 337 west was extended from VA 10-32 over old US 58 to its current end with US 58 Bus.

1946 Nanesmond County
VA 337 ending at central Suffolk
1946 Nanesmond County
1958 Nanesmond County
VA 337 replaces US 58 west of downtown
1958 Nanesmond County

Also in March 1953 (CTB), VA 337 was rerouted in South Norfolk to follow Liberty St north past Main St, then north on State St, then across the new Berkley Bridge into Norfolk, then west on City Hall Ave, then north on Bank St. The old routing across the river via Main St became secondary save for a little US 58 on the Norfolk side.
In May 1953 (CTB), VA 337 in South Norfolk was routed onto Bainbridge Ave, instead of Liberty St. The Bainbridge route had been VA 337 ALT.
In Nov 1957 (CTB), VA 337 was rerouted off Granby and instead left 21st on Monticello Ave to Virginia Beach Blvd then south on Tidewater Dr and west on City Hall Ave to meet the Berkley Bridge. South of the bridge, VA 337 south was put on Walnut St (destroyed by I-464) to get from the bridge to Liberty St. VA 337 then used Liberty-Main-Bainbridge south to Poindexter.
In Nov 1962 (CTB), VA 337 was rerouted in Norfolk to its current use of Brambleton Ave to Hampton Blvd, replacing VA 599. Until then, VA 337 used 21st St to get to Hampton Blvd.

1957 Norfolk County
VA 337 using Berkley Br and Bainbridge Ave
1957 Norfolk County
1958 Norfolk County
VA 337 changed in downtown Norfolk again
1958 Norfolk County
VA 337 (1963 Official)
VA 337 removed from Monticello and 21st
using Brambleton to Hampton
1963 Official

In Jan 1979 (CTB), VA 337 was extended east from Hampton Blvd to the terminus of I-564, replacing a piece of VA 170.
Around 1991, VA 337 was moved onto I-464's northernmost quarter-mile.
Improvements:  Paved since inception; The first official map to show any VA 337 multilaning was the 1955, on its Granby St piece.
In 1956, Hampton Blvd was multilaned.
In 1957, Portsmouth Blvd was multilaned from US 58 east to Elm St.
VA 337 was multilaned on Brambleton Ave when it opened in late 1962 or so, as well as its crossing into South Norfolk.
VA 337 is shown as multilane west of US 58 out to nearly Western Branch in 1966.
VA 337 was multilaned when it took over the short piece of VA 170 at the Norfolk Naval Base.
VA 337 was multilaned past the Western Branch in 1985 or 1986.
VA 337 was multilaned out to VA 191 in 1992.
Posting: Fully posted; posting is poor in South Norfolk near I-464 and postings have been removed off I-264 including BGSs for Tidewater Drive.
Cutouts existed in Suffolk until 2004.
VA 337 is erroneously posted as VA 170 still from Bellinger Blvd on Norfolk Naval Air Station; Error US 337 shield found in South Norfolk in 2008 (gone by 2012); error US 337 shields at Alexanders Corner installed since 2012.
Multiplexes:  US 460 ALT (0.25 mi)
I-464 (0.25 mi)
I-264, US 460 ALT (0.25 mi)
I-264 (0.22 mi)
US 460 (0.10 mi)
US 58 (1.38 mi)
Legislative names:  NONE
Other names:  Washington St. (inner Suffolk); Nanesmond Pkwy (remainder of Suffolk); Portsmouth Blvd (Suffolk line to Elm Ave Portsmouth); Elm Ave. (Portsmouth Blvd to Jordan Bridge); Poindexter St. (Jordan Bridge to US 460/VA 166); Bainbridge Blvd/Main St/Liberty St/State St (US 460 to I-464); Tidewater Dr (I-264 to VA 168); Brambleton Ave. (VA 168 to US 58 WB); Hampton Blvd. (US 58 to Norfolk Naval Base); Admiral Taussig Blvd (Hampton Blvd to I-564)
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comment: Takes a convoluted route through the Hampton Roads area.  Runs over the Berkley Bridge with I-264 and Alt. US 460, and also includes the new toll Jordan Bridge over the south branch of the Elizabeth River.

Previous VA 337's:

US 311, VA 33: 0 - 0
NC STATE LINE: 5.5 - 5.5

VA 337 #1: Appeared January 1925 as an upgrade to CR 7. Ran from VA 33 (curr US 220 Bus) Ridgeway to then-NC 709. In August 1928 this became VA 201.
Today it is a tiny part of VA 87 which has been rebuilt. VA 337 followed today's SRs 750 and 835.
VA 337 #1 (1928)
1928 Official

From: City of Portsmouth
To: City of Norfolk
Total Length: 2.29 miles  

US 460 ALT, VA 337: 0 - 0
US 17: 1.05 - 1.05
US 58 WB, VA 141: 1.24 - 2.29

Creation: Appeared March 1968 (CTB) as a renumbering of US 58 ALT, plus a bit of new primary north of High St. This is the 3rd VA 337 ALT.
Adjustments: In Aug 2014, Harbor Dr was permanently closed between Turnpike Rd and High St. VA 337 ALT used Harbor Dr to get to the US 58/VA 141 interchange. The closure was necessary because the VA 164 extension (Martin Luther King, Jr Expwy) is being built directly on top of Harbor Dr. It is not clear what VA 337 ALT does now. Google maps shows it following County St east to Elm St south to VA 337. Street View from these areas is from 2012 so right now I have no information on the status.
Improvements:  Paved since inception; No multilane segments.
Posting: Fully posted although not from US 58 or VA 141 itself. Error US 337 ALT shields at Alexanders Corner installed since 2012.
Multiplexes:  None
Legislative names:  None
Other names:  Turnpike Rd. (solo 337 ALT); Martin Luther King, Jr. Freeway (US 58 duplex)
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comment: VA 337 ALT does not appear on VDOT Officials at all. US 58 ALT was shown through the 1974 issue
2004 VDOT County Atlas
VA 337 ALT in Portsmouth
2004 VDOT County Atlas
Previous VA 337 ALT's:
VA 337 ALT #1: Created in April 1947 (CTB Minutes) as a posted route not officially in the primary system. Was a loop off VA 337 in South Norfolk, using Bainbridge Ave and South Main St.
In Feb 1951 (CTB), VA 337 ALT was "extended" north across the Berkley Bridge during the construction phase.
In March 1953 (CTB), the VA 337 ALT designation over the Berkley Bridge was changed to mainline VA 337.
In May 1953 (CTB), VA 337 was rerouted to replace the rest of VA 337 ALT.
It appears on 1952 and 1953 official maps.
VA 337 ALT #2: Created in May 1953 (CTB). Began at VA 337 Bainbridge Ave in South Norfolk and followed US 460 Poindexter east, then northwest with US 460/VA 170 along Campostella/Brambleton to end at VA 337 Bank St.
It appears that this went away with the Nov 1957 rerouting of VA 337 in Norfolk, although it appears on the 1958 Norfolk County map.

VA 337 (1951 Norfolk County)
VA 337 ALT #1
1951 Norfolk County
1957 Norfolk County
VA 337 ALT #2
1957 Norfolk County

VA 337 ALT #5?: A. Froehlig reports a VA 337 ALT sign exists on US 460/VA 166 EB at the VA 246 intersection (Librty St.) Another posting exists on the US 460-VA 166 turn from Liberty NB onto Wilson NB. No postings seem to exist anywhere else. I saw this in 1991, but thought it was somewhere slightly different when I first wrote about it in this site.

VA 337 ALT
VA 337 ALT in South Norfolk? This sign has since been removed
Will Weaver, 2/15/08
VA 337 ALT
A second posting of VA 337 ALT in South Norfolk
GMSV, July 2012

From: City of Norfolk
To: City of Norfolk
Total Length: 1.49 miles  

I-264 (exit 9), US 460 ALT, VA 337: 0 - 0
US 58, VA 337: 1.49 - 1.49

Creation: Created Dec 1980 (CTB) and first appears on Official maps in 1988 when the Downtown Norfolk inset was first included. This is the 4th VA 337 ALT. VA 337 ALT was originally on split alignments from Brambleton, with SB using Duke St and NB using Boush St.
In the early 2000s, Boush St was reconstructed Boush St as a 2-way, 4-lane divided street all the way to Brambleton Ave. VA 337 SB was removed from Duke St beginning with the 2011 VDOT Traffic Log. However Official maps through at least 2014 do not show this change.
Posting: None
Comments: Boush St. and Waterside Dr. in downtown Norfolk. Curiously, the Norfolk route effectively "overlaps" the Portsmouth route.
Starting with the 2012 Official the route is erroneously labeled as VA 334 ALT.

VA 337 ALT #3 (1988)
1988 Official
VA 334 ALT
VA 334 ALT error
2012-2014 Official

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