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From: Spartanburg (Spartanburg County)
To: Spartanburg (Spartanburg County)
Total Length: 2.2 miles  
EXIT 23 - I-85 Bus, US 176 WB: 0 - 0
EXIT 24 - S-42-65: 1.5 - 1.5
EXIT 24 - SC 9 NB: 0.4 - 1.9
EXIT 25 - US 176 EB, US 221, SC 9 SB: 0.3 - 2.2
Creation: I-585 opened about 1960 as new freeway construction. Early planning documents had this designated as I-385 first.
Adjustments: None
Improvements: 4-laned at inception.
Comment: I-585 is now posted north of I-85 Business at the Valley Falls Rd exit and the USC-Upstate exit. Although posted as TO I-585 on BGSs for I-85 proper, there are I-585 SOUTH shields at the top of ramps from both directions.
There are still at-grade intersections at I-85 and at nearby Fairforest Rd. Otherwise, US 176 is a freeway that could become I-585 to coneect it back up with I-85.
A direct I-585 NB to I-85 Bus NB movement did not exist for nearly 50 years and making this movement required a dangerous exit off 585 onto a frontage road and a short-merge entrance onto 85 NB around the corner. That whole intersection was rebuilt to modern standards with a direct connection in the mid-2000s.

early interstate plans
I-385 under consideration to head to Spartanburg
Early SCDOT interstate plans
final plan
I-385 chosen instead
Finalized Spartanburg plan

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