I-585 Bus 
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I-585 Business  no longer assigned
Previous I-585 Bus: I-585 Bus: Was in place by 1986, running along Pine St with US 176 and SC 9 from I-585's end at US 221 to Main St just past US 29.
Never appeared on any maps that I have seen.
I-585 Bus was well posted northbound, though only in red and blue interstate shields, some of which had BUSINESS and SPUR. It was also posted from SC 296, US 29, and Main St. It was not posted at all southbound that I recall.
It was odd to see in the late 80's a 585 shield on the same signpost as a "carolina" US 176 cutout and a SC 9 shield that was miniature (the style 3 styles ago, I believe).
About 2011, regular I-585 shields appeared in place of these spur shields and acquired TO banners, in addition to there being fewer shields in general along Pine St.
585 Bus photo
I-585 Bus posted from Main St.
photo by Carter Buchanan, June 2000
Courtesy Gribblenation.com

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