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I-255  usurped
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I-255: I-255 was requested by Tennessee in July 1958 to run from I-55 south of Memphis to I-40/240 midtown Memphis, skirting east of downtown. This had been designated D55 as a placeholder in earlier documents. AASHO approved this in August 1958. This was not part of the "Yellow Book"
Between 1962-64, I-255 was opened from I-55 to Parkway East
Between 1965-67, I-255 was opened from Parkway East to US 78/Lamar Ave.
The rest of I-255 from US 78/Lamar Ave to I-40 was completed in July, 1971.
In November 1971, Tennessee asked FWHA to approve renumbering I-255 as part of I-240. They approved this in December 1971. However, Tennessee didn't request this from AASHO until August 1973. AASHO approved this in September 1973.
Tennessee gave 4 reasons for wanting to do this. Three of them were basically variations on the theme that I-240 didn't connect back to I-40. The other reason was that I-255 didn't connect back to I-55. They did not mention the March 1973 Supreme Court decision that prevented I-40 from being completed through Overton Park. Note that Tennessee was still considering building I-40 under Overton Park and didn't actually request I-40 be removed from Sam Cooper Blvd. until 1982.

1964 Esso

I-255 open to Parkway East
1964 esso
1972 Official

I-255 open to I-40
1972 Official
1976 Official

I-255 open to I-40
1976 Official

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