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I-26 Temp  kid of a head scratcher
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I-26 Temp: The April 1988 application for extending I-26 into Tennessee included a document that appears to be TDOT making route changes. It include I-26 Temp, defined as "US 23 and US 19W from the North Carolina State Line to southwest of Irwin"
This was a sloppy description, as US 19W and US 23 split before reaching North Carolina. The document also mislabels US 19W as US 19E describing I-26.
Anyhoo, this was fully 2-lane throughout on original alignments. Tennessee did note this section is under development to interstate standards and be completed in 5 or 6 years. This is not far off from when Tennessee finished the freeway, though it took North Carolina 15 years to finish their side...

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