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Mystery Corridors #1 and #2: In March 1927, Kentucky requested a new US Highway from US 45 Mayfield to Paris TN (following TN 69), then east to Dover (no state highway there yet) then to Clarksville (following TN 76). They said they had Tennessee buy in but AASHO said they had not heard from Tennessee.
In April 1927, Tennessee alerted AASHO they concurred with this request and added an additional mystery corridor from Paris following TN 69 to McKenzie and following TN 22 to US 70 Huntingdon.
There was no resolution document I could locate
Mystery Corridor #3: In 1934, Tennessee's first iteration of resolving US 41E/41W had US 41E becoming US 41, US 41W north of Clarksville becoming US 43, and US 41W from Clarksville to Nashville becoming "a new number".
US 43 was slated to run due south from Clarksville through Charlotte, Centerville, etc. to reach Florence AL. Tennessee didn't want that as a US route corridor, so they talked AASHO into routing it via Columbia and Nashville, thus eliminating the need for a new number. Most logical guess is US 243, though US 641 was also possible.
Mystery Corridor #4: In August 1955, AASHO rejected a request to have a new US route from Pascagoula MS to Jackson TN. The Tennessee portion would've used all of TN 125 and all of TN 18 north of Bolivar. No number was floated.
AASHO said it was too close to other US Routes.
Mystery Corridor #5: In July 1958, AASHO rejected a request to have a new US route from Beaumont MS to Jackson TN. The Tennessee portion would again have been TN 125 and TN 18.

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